Things to do For the wedding

Planning for a wedding in an appropriate way is really very important and as much time you have before marriage you get more time for preparation.

So got engaged recently still have 12 months for wedding divide the activities according to months so that its not a mess at the end of the day.

1. 12th month before the wedding

  1. Envision wedding and start preparing your budget accordingly.
  2. Start looking for options for wedding vendors to assemble your team to divide your responsibility
  3. Start looking for the venue for your wedding and reception
  4. Ask your relatives and friends to be in your wedding and share your wedding vision with close ones maybe you get some good links.
  5. Have an engagement party with close ones before your wedding day.
  1. 8-10 months before the wedding
  1. Start interviewing your shortlisted vendors.
  2. Start looking for your wedding and reception dress.
  3. What type of entertainment you want at your cocktail band or Dj or any other of entertainment.
  4. What type of food to be served and when.
  5. What kind of decoration you want.
  1. 6-8 months before marriage
  1. Start booking rooms for guests trying to book a venue which has rooms. It saves your expenses.
  2. Order dress for your family.
  3. Book your musician
  4. Also, start planning for honeymoon and it is advisable if you can book your tickets a 6-8 month prior to the wedding.
  1. 4-6th months before marriage
  1. Start shopping for your invitation card and wedding jewellery.
  2. Start looking for your reception cake designs
  3. Look for a gift you want to gift your partner
  4. Check for your passports if required or get it done for renewals.
  5. And if you have ordered for bridesmaids dress make sure it is ready and fitting them.
  1. 3 months before marriage
  1. Order cake from options you have shortlisted.
  2. Book things you want to take on rent.
  3. Book transport required for your wedding day so that you get as many options.
  4. Select your invitation card and give it for printing and if you want something unique in your card it will take more time to give as much time as possible.
  1. 2 months before
  1. Book for the makeup artist and go for trial if you wish to see.
  2. Book your hairstyler and decide what you want for which function
  3. Purchase gifts for Inlaws and other family members
  4. Start sending the invitation to people living far away so that they can book their tickets prior.
  5. Take more ideas from your vendors to how to enhance your special day for your guests.
  1. 1 Month before marriage
  1. Just try your wedding outfit and take advice from close your close ones if any changes required and keep it pressed and safe.
  2. Whatever new ideas you want to implement or any changes with vendors to let them know 1 month before.
  3. The final list of wedding guest should be handed over to the wedding planner for sitting arrangements.
  4. Check all the jewellery is prepared for your In-laws and what you choose for yourself try to wear it with the outfit and check once.

  1. Last two weeks for the wedding
  1. Make sure all the payment related issues are resolved with all the vendors
  2. Payments which are scheduled post-wedding should be handed over to the trusted person with all the details.
  3. Make calls to outstation guests to once confirm when they will be arriving.
  4. Make sure with your wedding planner that every vendor get enough time to their job and they are on time.
  5. Get you pre-bridal done one week prior to your wedding.
  6. Personally once call all wedding vendors and confirm the arrangement.
  7. Set cars for people coming from outstation for their pick and drop.
  8. Give all the emergency number to the wedding planner and person who is looking after you for the arrangement. And make sure the wedding planner and responsible person are introduced and discuss all the important things so that in case of an emergency both can contact each other.

Wedding day

Finally, when your special day arrives make yourself feel special. Carry that smile that is all it takes.


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