Well, if you thinking the beautiful pink city is only known for destination weddings, then you will be surprised that this pink city offers a wide range of fashion for the bride and groom

  1. Jaipuri Lehenga for Bride:

This city has many places for lehenga shopping for brides. Jipuri wedding lehengas have vibrant colors and unique work which makes them different from other lehengas.

Pic Credits: Gravity Fashion

Pic Credits: Gravity Fashion

2. Special Jaipuri Lakh ka Chura for Bridal:

Lac is made from different kind of crystals melted together and stone powder is added into the mixture. They take a long time to prepare and sold in the market. They are sold in sets, One set consists of 14 bangles (2 big 4 medium and 8 small bangles) and sold for approx. 900 rs. Material and labor cost itself cost them 700 leave them with very less profit. They have a variety of Bangles you can match according to your outfit.

Pic Credits: Miraww.com

Pic credits: Mirraw

3. Jaipuri sherwani for the groom

The wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and Groom. We always look forward to the bride but Groom has equal rights to look handsome after all he has to be a prince charming riding a white horse. There are lots of options for groom nowadays. Jaipur is known for its unique clothing style so there are lots of options for the groom to dress the best for his special day.

Pic Credits: Gravity Fashion

Pic Credits: India Emporium

4. Jaipuri groom necklace

These kinds of the necklace are made from a different kind of pearls embedded together. It adds a royalty to grooms outfit.

Pic credits: Ram Narayan Garg

Pic credits: Marraw

5. Safa
These Safas are made from different kind of silks and sometimes from cotton panch ranga cloth. Choose best matching your outfit. 

Pic Credits: Indiamart.com
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Pic Credits: Rjasthani eshop


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