The wedding is not an easy task lot of people to do lots of things in the right place at the right time to make it a perfect go.

Groom in the whole wedding is the center of attraction she should be perfectly dressed in her outfit, jewelry, makeup each and everything from top to bottom should be perfect for her special day.

So going shopping to shop for your special day the most important thing to keep in mind is your budget. And spending on your Jewelry is the big budget task. So you have to keep several things into your mind while shopping for wedding jewelry. So below are some tips that may make your shopping easy.

Do’s and Don’t of Wedding Jewellery Shopping

1. Firstly ask your in-laws and your parents:
Ask them once is there something specific that they want you to wear. So if they have specific ask to pick a jewelry than pick a jewelry that matches their and your need too.

2. Buy your wedding lehenga first:
Shop for your wedding lehenga before choosing your jewelry it would be easier to match with color texture and neckline of your outfit.

3. Shop as Early as possible:
Go for shopping as early as possible at least 3 months before your wedding so that you can explore as many options as can to buy that perfect jewellery. Your outfit and jewellery should be finalized a month before so that you can look forward to other weddings arrangments.

4. Remember the neckline of your choli:
Look if the neckline of choli is deep then you can go for a heavy set and if it is up till the neck you can go for simple chain style necklace.

5. Keep in mind the Hairstyle:
Be clear what kind of hairstyle you will carry for a special day whether a low bun or high bun depending upon this choose you earing that goes with the shape of your face.


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