The venue is the first thing that you book after fixing you the date for marriage. Sometimes it could be just a small garden, a small hall and a church and it perfectly works for you.

There are a lot of things to be considered while booking a wedding venue. So today will be discussing some points which may help you while booking a venue.


  1. Choose the venue that matches your Vision:  Choosing a venue that matches your vision is really very important. It actually helps you in saving lots of your expenses and you feel more connected to that place. Just be sure with yourself what kind of wedding you want and in what style it will help you to narrow down the list of wedding venues. And it also helps you to save decoration expenses if you choose a venue that is already the way you wanted.

  2. Guest List: while choosing a venue be ready with the total number of guest you are inviting. Because this is the basic question which will be asked while you checking for venues. At Least you should be ready with the rough figures. If you searching online almost every venue has information about how much capacity they hold to host people. It will also narrow down your options and will help you to choose from these options.


  3. Budget: There are a lot of venues that you will find appealing but each one of them won’t fit your budget. Deciding your budget will help you to avoid being in love with the places which is not in your budget. Be clear with ration from the total budget which you want to spend on the wedding venue. If you are planning to hire a wedding planner its best to hire after you are done with the budget part. They may help you choose the better wedding venues in price that fits your budget easily. Many venues do not lock the date until they sign a proper contract and some amount of deposit.


  4. Indoor/outdoor: Activities that you have planned for wedding ceremony according to them what kind of wedding venue suits you. Looking at the uncertainty of whether it is better to have both indoor/outdoor hall at the same venue. Or ask them if they have any backup plan for uncertainty.
  5. Accommodation for Guest: try to look for a venue which has accommodation for guest. It will help you save a lot of your money and will be more comfortable for guest. If not in the same venue try to book the nearby venue. You have to arrange for taxis for your guest to come to the venue or some may call their own which may make them uncomfortable and will add cost to your budget. If you planning for a destination wedding than some of your family may come from overseas so accommodation is necessary to be booked.

  6. Location: Location can be a reason which may drastically decrease your guest list. The location should be such which is accessible to most of your guest list. If most of your guest are from the overseas book a hotel which is close to the airport and easily accessible from the airport.


  7. Inclusive/exclusive of service: Some venues have preferred the list of vendors which means they are included with all the wedding services. Working with those vendors will be an added benefit as they know the place and already worked with them. If they do not offer many options you can ask them if you can work with your options. But still, it is good to take a referral as they have already worked with many local vendors.

  8. Parking: parking is a big issue and creates a lot of mess. Prior information about parking can help you decide for an alternative if they do not provide enough space for parking or you may look for an alternative venue. Some venues provide valet parking some provide free parking so we really need to ask them so that there is no mess on the wedding day.


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