1. The Bride:
    she is one whom every one look forward for. Her beauty and her happiness is the most taken care of during her wedding.

  2. The Groom:
    The most charming person of the event with the best smile on his face getting along with everyone he still has to make sure his friends and family are enjoying with the event.
    Pic Credits: Funny weddings
  3. The Hoggers
    These are kind of people who come only to eat different varieties of food. They enjoy every slice of food.
  4. The criticizers: these are kind of people with lots of complaints about the event.
  5. The matchmaker Aunty: These aunties either have to look forward to unmarried boy or girl for their unmarried child.
    Pic Credits: Indian Express
  6. People who come to just dance: there are a bunch of girls who enjoy the wedding to its fullest.

  7. The Drunk Uncle: There is one uncle in the family who loves his drink more than anything else.
  8. Check Him/her out Gang: Bunch of girls and boys checking out each other.
    Pic credit: The Delhi bride


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