Wedding in India is not a small task, months of planning is required before taking any decision. So if you planning for destination wedding Firstly make your own checklist because before hiring a wedding vendor you should enough aware of what ask them, who to follow up with. And to compare the charges for all activities happening.

Planning your destination wedding or a simple wedding in your city or any other city here are some tips. So before hiring for wedding vendors in your city or any other city here are some tips you should look forward to.

  1. Decide your budget: before hiring a wedding vendor to decide your budget how much and in what ratio you want to spend on which service always keep some money vacant at the last moment there is always something that is left or in other words unexpected expenses.

  2. Investigate the wedding: Investigate the date it should not clash with any important event in town due to which your guest face any problem due to traffic.
  3. The guest comes first: Keep in mind what kind of guest are invited just remember 10 to 20% of people would not be able to attend your marriage and number may increase if its a destination wedding. Just make sure every guest is comfortable and try to book venue which also renders you room it actually saves your expense and also easy for guest to get ready and attend the function at the same place.
  4. Weather: You should examine the weather and keep all necessary things list ready to give instruction to your wedding vendor. In other words, you should listen to mother earth what will be the weather for the same day.
  5. Make a meal plan: Look into the meal plan to cut down your budget. Sit with the wedding planner and decide what needs to serve on which day and to whom and tell them to take care whom to serve quantity may lead to the extra cost.
  6. Make policy for kids: we know its weird but kinds make things mess nor adults are able to enjoy because of them. You can either invite just kids or can opt for childcare service at reception.
  7. Ask your vendors: Ask your vendors frequently what they are doing what all they are planning. They should give your more and affordable ideas on how to go with your wedding theme, bridal lehenga and how to make your function morefunholic.
  8. Takes steps at right time: Making a to-do list and scheduling them one after other is really important to not make the mess out of it. First, finalize all the basic things then move on to other aspects.
    So just wait for perfect time to book anything at the end of the day it will save your time energy and expenses as all these three things are required while planning for a marriage.


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