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We are proud to have several happy clients in our short journey so far in this field of wedding photography. More than a profession, it is a passion for us at S.R Vision and we always strive to give our best to S.R Vision in Your Memories. Innumerable choices are thrown when one starts to search for best wedding photographers or a specialized company that offers such creative solutions. Understanding this quest, we at S.R Vision are sensitive towards it and have a complete and competent team to offer photography works according to your requirements for the grand occasion of wedding.

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We are proffesional candid and contemporary wedding photographer who seeks a lot of enthusiasm in  photography too. who followed his passion for creating content in the form of pictures and motion pictures.  I basically love capturing the minute beautiful details that surrounds a wedding. Weddings give me a sense of happiness.A sense of bliss to make that very important day of a woman and a man and their respective families bigger and even more gorgeous. Our work mostly speaks about candid little moments in an around a wedding house with a lot of style and aura.But at the same time we love to maintain the taste of a "Indian wedding." I don’t think I can call it a mere adrenaline rush. Its something bigger than passion, mixed with a sense of freedom and creation. This is my love story with photography and especially weddings. As a candid photographer I strongly believe there is life in every moment. You just need to see it and show it! :) In the fleeting smiles of couples in weddings, in the honest laughters of tiny little toddlers, in the sun rays pouring through that beautiful smile of a bride and in that once in a lifetime moment of "I DO" , I can tell you, I have seen life and happiness. Living amongst all the drama in a wedding house and the small-little-massive beautiful things that we often forget about, I have realized how much I love making moments… A story to tell.

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