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Dakbanglow , Patna

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Mehendi ceremony has its own scientific significance as it is rich in its cooling property. So its used to calm the nerves of hand and feet of the bride. But nowadays this ceremony has become fun and festive pre-wedding ritual. Sanjay Mehndi Wala is expert mehandi designer located in Patna. Specialized in fine lines and detailed designs blooming to full rich dark color tone for all budgets and customised to individual tastes, from high end to prevailing application.

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From times immemorial, 'Henna' or ' Mehandi' has been used for artistically decorating the palms of brides and grooms in particular during the course of marriage rituals and also during other auspicious and festive occasions. It has become an integral part of the Indian culture and is used by people of all faiths. This body decorative art is performed by expert mehndi designers who are capable of developing good designs on the hands, feet, and arms. Sanjay Mehndi Wala, a renowned name in this art in Patna, has been in this trade since decades. We have a collection of hundreds of designs to help you choose the right one. Our expert mehndi designers in Patna are adept at creating the trendiest designs with a finesse which is bound to be appreciated by others. The Sanjay Mehndi Wala in Patna makes use of nothing but only the purest and best quality henna and oils. Whatever be the occasion, if you are looking for a specialist in henna designs in Patna and surroundings, please feel free to contact us. Our bridal mehndi designers will be available even during the late evenings for applying henna designs.

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