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Khaitan Market, Patna

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We at Hatim Tent House believe that work is worship. We have professional experience of organising weddings which we have acquired over a vast number of weddings. This has given us a knack to understand the requirements of our clients and deliver a job which is fitting to their Expectation. Our work, Your happiness. We have committed our resources to develop new ideas and services that address the requirements of our clients as well as promote a healthy environment that values integrity, diversity, innovation and excellence. Client satisfaction is our primary objective. Our assets are our clients, their happiness and their smiles.

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₹ 15000




Hatim Tent House has been continuously setting the benchmark for perfect wedding decoration and corporate event coordination. Any event management requires vision, hardworking crew and attention to each detail. You have to be able to see the bigger picture and also pay attention to the tiniest details. With our vast experience, we understand the marketing plan used to build networks and customer loyalty. Hatim Tent House will always satisfy your expectations with quality and creativity. Hatim Tent House is one of the premium wedding decorators in Patna and has successfully planned and executed Big Fat Indian Weddings –Classic, Contemporary or a wedding so unique only you could have dreamt of – we ensure that the only emotions you have to deal with are big smiles and a few tears of joy to celebrate the occasion. As a top  Wedding decorators, we handle every detail from the invitations to the planning and execution of your wedding at your best.

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