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Raja Park, Jaipur

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We provide services related to photo and video shoots for the wedding. Latest wedding photography style. All about candid - less poses, more natural. Essentially, the person getting clicked doesn't realize they're on camera so real emotions are caught. Eg. bride getting ready, romantic glance exchanged between a couple.

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₹ 35000




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Wedding shoot



We at The Najuk Studio offer professional wedding photography with the help of our experienced photographers who are trained in fashion wedding photography . Najuk Studio. Wedding photography is an art, a timeless memory to be cherished for a lifetime. Being one of the most sought-after names in candid wedding photography, we capture pictures in a way that every detail is clicked. We make sure that each wedding is different and exclusive. Weddings are the consummation of forever love. Our photographers do not miss anything whether it’s a glance, a quick kiss or a sudden rush of emotions that happen quickly. They rightly anticipate and preserve moments that portray these everlasting emotions. As we truly believe in “each photograph has a story to tell”. The job of our photographers is to capture the wedding as it was. Hire our wedding photographers who capture casual moments in creative compositions to preserve spectacular moments and touching snapshots of a wedding. Relive the moments with us.

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