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Our approach to Wedding photography documents your unique story in beautiful photographs and cinematic films. We tell your story on your special day in an unobtrusive manner. Whether a wedding in India or a destination wedding, our experience will help capture those special moments forever.

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Marriage is special day for the bride, groom and also their extended families in India. Compared to just group photographs taken by regular photographers, photographs that truly capture a wedding as it happens are invaluable. The only photographic way to reveal things as they truly happen is to take candid shots. Candids are images that hold a small story inside of them. Depending on purpose of the image, it can reveal human character, emotions, interaction between people, or social status. Each candid photo has it's meaning and it is based on a photographer's vision. Traditional Photography is a style in wedding photography: candid images are a tool in hands of a wedding photographers. The sequence of candid images creates a story of the wedding day. Candid photography sometimes is misinterpreted as a series of snapshots shot by the photographer during the wedding day. While snapshots are usually limited to facial expressions (which will often make people laugh), candids are based on a variety of photographic techniques, mixed with a clearly set purpose of documenting the event with a unique photographer's vision. The young and dedicated man has earned himself a fair credibility for his work. He generates ideas so powerful in its potentialities and enough to wake up brain cells. This eager-to-learn soul is an avid photographer. Each one of his pictures speaks about his creative instinct. He further nurtured his skill and brought his dream alive. He makes alive the new facts and features of the new born creativity.

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