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Patna, Patna

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The Harsh Kumar Photography work on the essence of life – love and fairytale. Everyone has a story of their own which they keep on telling within. It grows bigger and beautiful with every sunset. We conceive your story, perceive it and bring forth the representation where you relive it time and again. You get a strong and powerful abode to your mental picture.

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The photography work has been showcased at various weedings and pre-weeding functions. The team brings tremendous energy to a wedding. We believes that everyone deserves to have truly fantastic memories of their wedding. While with time, everything around us changes, photographs capture those beautiful moments forever, a name representing the real passion and enthusiasm to bring out the best of quality and creativity from the eyes of very talented and compassionate team comprising of best candid wedding photographers headed by it’s superbly passionate  photographer Harsh Kumar. With a team that is always passionate to create the best images of every event, We will not create just ordinary images for its clients, but will create FINE ART images.

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