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Required details and pictures of facilities/services/products once uploaded by vendors go for approval by Shaadicart Admin team

Once Vendor details are approved, the same reflects on Shaadicart portal. Any customer can view/select and reach the vendor for ceremonies

On successful setup of account, Vendors login to Shaadicart and provide details of the facilities/services/products they wish to endorse. This requires uploading pictures and details of the same

Shaadicart Admin team check if all the details are proper and approve/reject on the basis of quality/authenticity of the details


Customers can also check for deals and offers on Shaadicart portal and select/buy the same as per their choice/requirement

On successful setup of account, Customers can login to Shaadicart and select/connect to vendors as per customer's requirement for ceremonies

Subscription Model

Vendors can subscribe to half-yearly and yearly payment model.


Vendors get the subscription for 1 month

Rs. 599/-

Vendors get the subscription for 6 months

Rs. 999/-

Vendors get the subscription for 12 months

Enrollment to these subscription model provides an additional benefit to Vendors as Shaadicart Sales and Marketing team dedicatedly promotes/endorses (online/offline) their facilities/services/products to provide wider reach.