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We are a team of truly dedicated, hard-working and innovative professionals. Aided by the best equipment at our disposal we will ensure the best customer experience possible

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While the journey of freezing a moment in time begins with taking a picture, KST Films does much more for you than just that. We aim to turn people's loveliest moments into a story that they could revisit later in life and be struck with the ethereal happiness all over again. Professionals scan every second of your special day through their lenses, go over each photograph with a critical eye, choose, edit, and ultimately publish the ones that narrate your joy the best. We cover weddings like an author creates his/her stories- each one different from the rest and unique in the way it appears and feels to the onlooker. With up to date technological tools, professionals of all stripes, and a team that cherishes the art of capturing the most natural angles of every occasion, we promise you a wedding account worth marveling at.

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