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Anishabad, Patna

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A team with varied interests united by Photography. Our partner meet story is still fascinated till date and we are one dedicated team who love to work creating memories. We'd love to see you happy & we strive for the same.

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Photography for us is art of capturing the best moment with perfection. The picture becomes the life time memories and one can have essence of the past by looking into them. We  know the importance of moment we captures, So for both Darpan Digital Studio is passion and art of capturing the best moment, We always says our clients that we will never force you for give any specific pose from wherever they referenced, we wants to capture their own moments, their own memories, so its always fun to capture their romance with each other, and this is how we said we capture memories not just pictures, We loves our work from deep of our hearts, so believe me once the client can say its enough but we will say some more picture please!

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